Robin Cochrane

Drummer, Percussionist and Producer

Phone: +4671786396


Mandinka Reggae

Band Members


Bambo Cissokho: Vocals, African drums

Robin Cochrane: Drums

Lennart Söderlund: Guitar

Kaj Szyszkiewicz: Guitar

John Runefeldt: Keyboards

Owe Dahlqvist: Bass


Booking: Robin Cochrane




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Wakili is a new Stockholm based band that mixes Roots Reggae with classic Mandinka reperoire, as well as original compositions, and influences from Mbalax and other african styles. Wakili is based around percussionist and singer Bambo Cissokho and drummer/producer Robin Cochrane, and the music is dance music, often with a deep reggae groove but capable of switching up the tempo at any given moment, which makes Wakili a great live act.

The members of Wakili come from some of Sweden's greatest soul, reggae and world music acts, and share a love for reggae as well as west african music.







Bambo Cissokho comes from a centuries old lineage of jalis/griots, and his

brother Lamine Cissokho is a well known kora player. Bambo is a highly respected percussionist, and apart from playing with his brother he has also

toured extensively in Germany, and played with a number of band and artists in Stockholm since he moved from his hometown Ziguinchor.

Bambo has only recently stepped forward to the microphone, and is naturally talented entertainer with tons of positive energy.

Bambos unusually broad knowledge of mande rhythms is crucial to

Wakilis sound, and he is also the one who writes the lyrics and comes up with serveral of the bands songs.

Robin Cochrane is the founder of Wakili, and musical director as well as

drummer, occasional keyboard- and balafon player and producer.

Robin and Bambo have collaborated for about 7 years, mostly around percussion, but it was at a festive jam session they discovered they could play together in other ways than drumming, when Bambo took the mic and Robin sat behind the piano.

For more information about Robin, please visit the bio page.

John Runefelt is a fantastic piano player from Stockholm, who has a special taste for boogaloo and old swing jazz, but is equally at home playing mbalax marimba and reggae which he gets to do with Wakili.

John is multi musician who plays almost every musical instrument on the planet and has his own musical universe.

He releases his own music on Runetone Records, and runs his own club, Abel & John, when he's not out touring with Kristin Amparo, Combo de la Musica or The Remarkables.

Lennart Söderlund is one of Swedens legendary guitar players, with a career spanning 40 years. He is a well known face for afropop enthusiasts in Sweden as he has played with bands such as Peps Blodsband, Makonde,

Ahmadou Jarr's Highlife Orchestra and Bolon Bata.

But Lennart is another very broad musician who has played everything from classical violin to free form jazz, and he is always looking for new challanges.

Kaj comes mainly from the reggae world, where he has worked with several of Swedens most succesful reggae/hip hop acts such as Dani M and Junior Natural, but is equally interrested in jazz and african guitar.

Kaj has managed to master his own version of the mandinka guitar, and ads

a crucial ingredient to the music of Wakili.

Kaj is also a producer and arranger in his own right, and is highly involved

in developing the music of Wakili

Owe "Rock Owe" Dalhqvist is the anchor of Wakili.

His extremely steady bass playing has landed him jobs with swedish bands such as Apopo, Dag Vag and Andreas Grega through the years,

and he is undoubtebly one of the country's best reggae bass players.

Owe has also been part of the production team at legandare Rub-a-dub

Studios in Stockholm, where he worked with the late sound engineer

Internal Dread. Owe has since long been interrested in african music, and in fact gave Robin his first Youssou N'dour cassette in 1990.

Fotograf: Nikolas Viisanen